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The Vietnamese Community has been involved in expanding Canada’s nation since the earliest days of the Vietnamese immigrant influx settling in Toronto. Across Canada, there are over 235 immigrant-serving agencies and community organizations that are actively involved in facilitating the settlement and labour market integration of immigrants and VWAT Family Services is one of them.

Founded in 1982, VWAT Family Services plays an important role in the adaptation of Vietnamese immigrant children, youth, seniors and their families in Canada. We have been addressing those needs for 31 years by creating and sustaining a cultural Vietnamese centre for newcomers, families, youth and seniors with the goal of achieving integration and belonging. We are aware of the diverse cultural profile in our community and have a mandate to address the needs of newcomers of all cultural backgrounds.

Explore our website and learn about the programs, services and events which are open to all who are interested. Our programs, services and events are informative, social and provide attendees with a sense of belonging. Come out and learn about the Vietnamese culture, acquire information about your own situation, talk to our staff and volunteers about how you can help to make the lives of newcomers to the community a better experience.

Mission Statement

The Vietnamese Women’s Association of Toronto is committed to advancing education, providing supportive counselling, promoting healthy living, encouraging integration for newcomer communities, raising awareness of domestic violence, and fostering community development.

VWAT Board – Letter To Community 2015


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Open Letter From the Board of Directors of VWAT Family Services

To VWAT members, stakeholders, and the general public:

VWAT Family Services (VWAT) is a non-profit agency focused on the settlement and adaptation of Vietnamese immigrant children, youth, seniors and their families in Canada. We have been addressing those needs for 33 years by creating and sustaining a community center for all those in need to participate in the mutual goals of improving their lives by integrating and by creating a welcoming community to which we can all belong. We have been fortunate to call Toronto home all these years. We are aware that we are in one of the most multicultural and diverse cities in the world and as such we need to keep our programs and services inclusive to those who come to us in need.

Through a dedicated team of 12 staff under the direction of our Executive Director, Kim Phuong Nguyen and with the assistance of our countless volunteers, we have been delivering on this mandate.

Our core principles are: mutual respect, social justice, equity, empowerment, and inclusivity.

Recently there has been some criticism of our agency’s policies and practices as well as questions around the ability of our Executive Director and us, the Board of Directors, to deliver VWAT’s mandate. It is with the core principles above and the goal of community building that we address this feedback in this open letter.

VWAT Board – Letter To Community 2015 – Full English version

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