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Proud to be Canadian

The Citizenship Test is composed of 2 parts: a written exam & an interview on Canadian Facts. This test is the last step before the Citizenship ceremony. Newcomers attend these workshops to strengthen their English language skills and build their knowledge of Canada. The “Proud to be Canadian” workshops have been designed with “Discover Canada” in mind. Discover Canada is an IRCC’s study guide to help newcomers prepare for the test. During this reporting period, 137 clients participated in 25 workshops to prepare for the test and also to build pride and confidence in themselves as new Canadians. However, they also build pride in themselves as Canadians, which in turn bolsters their confidence for the citizenship test.




VWAT Settlement Programs

Arriving in a new country can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. VWAT Family Services offers to help make that experience easier. We provide support, advocacy and information to families and individuals in the areas of:
• Sponsorship, Citizenship & Visa applications
• Translating & completing forms & paperwork
• Obtaining necessary documents & identification
• Housing & employment support
• Counselling & referrals
• Orientation to Toronto & Canadian life


English as a Second Language (ESL) Class

Language is a uniquely human form of communication & very important in a new country. The program features conversation lessons taught in both Vietnamese and English to strengthen language skills and build confidence in the participant’s abilities. The class’s culturally sensitive approach forms a welcoming environment for newcomers and old comers alike, who would like a little language help.


For more information contact:

Thuy Nguyen (647) 723-2165 ext. 112 (tnguyen@vwat.org)

Chieu Nguyen (647) 723-2165 ext. 113 (chieunguyen@vwat.org)

Hieu To (647) 723-2165 ext. 152 (chieunguyen@vwat.org)

Thao Pham (647) 723-2165 ext. 113 Weekends (tpham@vwat.org) 


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