A “Marketing Mix” Lesson

by Chieu Nguyen

I believe that any student who studies business at the college or university knows the concept of “marketing mix”. It is about the “Four Ps of Marketing”: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

When I was going to finish the marketing course at my school, I had to do a final assignment which was to conduct a market survey for launching a new product of a milk manufacturer. That was a new kind of milk for the baby.

My friend’s brother was a doctor. He usually gave the mothers advice on what kind of food that is good for their babies. I thought it could be the first right person that I should meet. So I made an appointment and came to him. After we said hello to each other and took seats, he said:

“Okay! My friend. Tell me what I can do for you?”

“Nothing special, bro… I just want to show you something… very interesting.” – I said while taking a product sample out of my bag.

“Oh! It looks good!” – He said – “Is it new? I’ve never seen it before.”

“Yes, it is.” – I said – “And it probably is one of the best.”

“Really? Tell me about it.” – He said.

It probably is one of the best.” – I repeated like a robot, and started a discourse that I had arranged before – “Firstly, you see, it is the result of many years of research of our company’s experts. Now, we believe that its composition is almost the same of those of breast milk, and it is a very good supplement nutrient source for the babies. Secondly, its price is very competitive and, since this is a new product, our company has a special offer for the first hundred customers. Thirdly, it is very easy to process. With some warm water and in just a few seconds, it is ready for the babies. So whenever the babies want it, they have it. And…”

“And what else?” – He asked.

“Look! Bro!” – I pointed at the milk box and said – “It’s very nice, isn’t it? I can tell you that we had spent a lot of time and money for this design to make it attractive for all kind of customers.”

“Yes, it is. And it’s very impressive, too.” – He said – “But I’ve got to tell you that to me, breast milk is always the best. Firstly, it is the most suitable food for the baby’s health; everything that all milk producers around the world have done so far is just only to make the composition of their products as the same of breast milk as possible. Secondly, it is very cheap, and in someway, we can say that it’s free. Thirdly, it’s very convenience. The mothers don’t need any warm water, any spoon, any baby bottle or stuff like that to prepare the meal for their babies. They don’t even have to waste any second to make it. Whenever the babies want it, they have it right away. And…”

“And what else?” – I asked impatiently.

“And finally, my friend,” – He smiled – “Do I have to tell you that breast milk is always kept in the most beautiful packages in the world?”.

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