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VWAT Youth Leadership Group

Initiated in March 2012 at VWAT Family Services, the VWAT Youth Leadership Group is a program for youth ages 13-24. This ongoing year-round program has a strong focus on character and capacity building in today’s youth, preparing them to become community leaders where they learn to contribute to their society as a part of the global community.

The 4 main goals of the programs are:

  • to develop an openness to new experiences
  • to develop a sense of social responsibility
  • to develop transferable skills in preparation for future career success
  • to support the youth in forming strong supportive supportive networks with their family and peers

The goals of the program are achieved by:

  • Critical thinking promoted through discussions within a supportive peer group environment
  • Meaningful volunteer opportunities within VWAT Family Services and partnering community organizations to provide skill-building opportunities
  • Transferable skills development training workshops
  • "Try-It" learning sessions for extracurricular activities
  • One-on-one supportive resource counselling

Youth Unite

40 Hours of Community Involvement

High school students will be able to receive hours towards their 40-hour Community Involvement secondary school graduation requirements by getting involved with our Youth Leadership Program.

VWAT Youth Leadership Program Certificate

Additionally, youth group members can earn a VWAT Youth Leadership Program Certificate by completing the following requirements:

  • Attended a minimum of ten 2-hour workshop/sessions
  • Must have attended at least two sessions pertaining to each of the four program goals (critical reflection, volunteering, skill development, and extracurricular activity involvement)
  • Actively took part in organizing at least one group session or agency event

VWAT Youth Leadership Program

The VWAT Youth Leadership Program is for you if you want to meet new people, build your marketable skills, and volunteer in the community! In this program, also known as the Youth Group, you have the opportunity to make a real impact on our neighborhood. Volunteer together at the soup kitchen, fundraise with our homemade Plushie Toy Sale, lead the Games section at VWAT’s annual Lantern Festival—you can do it with us.

Location: 1756 St. Clair Ave West (VWAT office)

Date: Every Saturday

Time: 1:30-3:30pm

Healthy Active Living Program (HALP)

Do you like to play sports or try new activities that get your heart pumping? Join HALP to find other youth who like be athletic and be in a team environment. We meet once a week to play a sport or take a class in an alternative exercise. HALP regularly play basketball, soccer, and badminton; but we also have guest instructors for activities such as yoga, martial arts, or dance!

Location: 1700 Keele St (George Harvey C.I.)

Date: Every Wednesday

Time: 6-8pm

Newcomers Connections Club (NCC)

A program only for George Harvey C.I. students, newcomer youth and Student Mentors come together to do all things Canadian. Discussions about Canadian life and its intrigues, games to build teamwork and English language skills, field trips across the city—this program is for youth who want to connect with other peers at George Harvey. Join us as a newcomer youth and see what we have to offer or as a Volunteer Student Mentor and help plan the meetings.

Location: 1700 Keele St (George Harvey C.I.)

Date: Every Friday

Time: 11:30am-12:30pm

VWAT Youth Leadership Award

For youth who successfully complete the program requirements and gave significant contributions to our community, they are awarded the VWAT Youth Leadership Award.


  • 2 Critical Thinking meetings
  • 2 Volunteer events
  • 2 Skills Development sessions
  • 2 Extracurricular actives
  • 2 leadership roles for meetings or events

We are proud to name 4 recipients of the 2015 Youth Leadership Award

  • Dung My Chau
  • Jorge Cordero
  • Henry Chau
  • Tinny Nguyen

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Youth Group Members connect, collaborate and receive information on upcoming sessions, opportunities and workshops through the “VWAT Youth Group” on Facebook

For more details about becoming involved in the VWAT Youth Leadership Group, please contact:

     Mai Nguyen, Program Coordinator & Youth Worker

                                Email: mai.nguyen@vwat.org
                               Telephone: 647-723-2165 ext. 115

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