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VWAT’s first EVER Car Wash Fundraiser
Please help me congratulating our summer student, Tina, in leading the planning for VWAT’s first EVER Car Wash Fundraiser that happened just yesterday!!! The fundraiser was able to bring in a  a TOTAL of $568 and was a HUGE blast for our youth group/volunteers to participate in. The money itself will help to fund  our Vietnamese Lantern Festival in September! In addition, we enabled our youth a chance to work together as a team and got them really excited for future promotion and fundraising efforts.

Sending our special thanks for everyone who made this event a success, especially under a tight planning schedule we had no more than about a week to pull everything together and make it happen)! We most definitely could NOT have done this without you!

  • Emillie for helping us find a location to host the event, bringing refreshments for volunteers and customers (the iced tea was a huge hit!)
  • Emillie’s mom, uncle and family for helping out on the day of and providing us with the venue
  • Kim and Patrick for providing volunteers with lunch
  • Patrick for donating a whole lot of cloths and sponges
  • Tina’s teacher, Ms. Anne Dale, who donated essential supplies (hose, squeegies)
  • The Board and Thu Van who helped with greatly with promoting to their networks!
  • Sarah from VLF Planning Committee for coming out to volunteer!
  • Linda and Anh, our summer students who helped with preparing/organizing the event
  • Staff who came out to support our fundraiser (even on a Sunday!)
  • Lastly, our youth group and youth volunteers that MADE IT HAPPEN!!

Overall, this is a really large milestone towards our Festival Planning this year, hence, a GREAT reason to celebrate our accomplishments!! 🙂

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