In the Heart of Christmas



by Lida Tim

It’s Christmas Eve and my husband and I took my son Anthony to shop for his last Christmas gift. At the mall he tried to pick up a couple of items so I looked at him and asked, “Why do you buy so many gifts for yourself?” He replied, “It’s Christmas time and these are on my wish list!” So I asked him, “Do you believe in Santa?” He replied, “NO, Santa is just an old man with a big belly”. I said to him, “If you don’t believe in Santa why do you want gifts for Christmas?” He simply replied, “Christmas is the day that people share their love, so you have to buy gifts and give them to people that you love.” So we bought him his gift and went home. As soon as we got home my son went to his backpack and took out two gift boxes and handed them to me and my husband. “Here are your gifts mama and papa. I love both of you!”

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