Our socks came filled with love and joy

by Minh-Trang Nguyen

Trang photo (4)My husband and I love and treasure Christmas time, not because ‘our socks’ are filled with gifts, but because it is a joyful time spent with our family and friends who we love greatly.

Two days before Christmas, on the way to New Jersey, we almost got into an accident because of the bad weather and the icy conditions. Our car was spinning out all over the country road when we encountered black ice. Everything happened so fast. After a couple of minutes, we realized that we were still alive!

Trang photo road

Later, we stopped at The Village of Skaneateles. The charming village and its Christmas atmosphere gave us a chance to recover our senses, feel less panicked and relax a while.

Trang photo (2)

Trang photo (6)

two on a benchOn Christmas Eve, Jersey City was covered with a blanket of snow. Inside, our family gathered around the Christmas tree. My husband and I told my family about an accident that we almost got into because of the bad weather and icy conditions along the way.

We told them that, especially this year, there were no Christmas gifts from us, as we wanted to share with the kids in Connecticut school shootings who would not be there in their homes with their families for Christmas time.

After a few seconds of silence, they all said. ‘You are here – it is a precious Christmas present for all of us.’


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