Seniors Program

Allan Garden Field Trip 2017

VWAT is a place for seniors to socialize, meet new people, connect to resources, and contribute to community activities. Our seniors enjoy activities from weekly fitness classes and neighbourhood walks, to healthy eating and cooking classes. Come out to laugh, learn, exercise and socialize with us.

Woodgreen Program

Seniors Yoga

Photo: Integral Taichi at VWAT Office

Many thanks to the Vulnerable Seniors Grant from Woodgreen Community Services as well. This grant provided funding for our interpretation and accompaniment services to 58 seniors for hospital visits. Seniors meet for weekly programs to improve physical and mental health, lead an active lifestyle, and reduce stress and isolation. Come participate in a variety of activities from fitness dance classes to health workshops.

Senior’s Fitness Class, Integral Taichi and Line Dancing
Location: 1756 St. Clair Ave West (VWAT office)
Date & Time: Please Check our Monthly Activities Calendar

Chi Hieu Work Shop 1

Photo: Diabetes Type 2 Workshop at VWAT Office

Seniors participate in Workshops, where they improve skills such as working together, decision making, self-confidence and inter-dependence. Join in to volunteer as fitness instructor peer leaders, guiding walks for seniors in the community and volunteer with other seniors programs in the community.

From My Eyes Tomatoes

Photo: Allan Garden Field Trip 2017

Seniors attend monthly cooking sessions at the FoodShare Kitchen, where they learn about healthy food choices, safe food preparation, and healthy cooking. Participants also attend fitness classes twice a week, to get active, discuss the value of continued exercise and how to avoid injury.

AGO Feld Trip 2017

Photo: AGO Field Trip 2017

For more information contact:

Thu Le, Senior Program Coordinator

(647) 723-2165 ext. 114 (