Settlement Services

Asentanse en Canada

Arriving in a new country can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. VWAT Family Services offers to help make that experience easier. We provide support, advocacy and information to families and individuals in the areas of:

  • Sponsorship, Citizenship & Visa applications
  • Translating & completing forms & paperwork
  • Obtaining necessary documents & identification
  • Housing & employment support
  • Counselling & referrals
  • Orientation to Toronto & Canadian life

Our Newcomers Settlement Program has been progressing well in providing information and orientation services to our clients so they can make informed decisions and understand life in Canada during their settlement process.
By March 31, 2017 VWAT had provided 3,113 services to 653 clients. We referred our clients to workshops, classes, networking events as a means for them to improve their social and professional networks. We also connected them with the community through community events, and cultural celebrations, such as Christmas, New Year Celebration, Canada Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival to ultimately achieve a smooth settlement process, good adaptation, proudly contribute to Canada.
During the reporting period, 47 group sessions were conducted, including workshops, classes, and meetings providing up-to-date information about labour market, possible career choices, and educational programs for children and adults, knowledge about Canada, helping the clients improving their English and enhancing their social and professional networks. Our staff made friendly home visits to newcomers in order to have more accurate assessments of their situation in a new country and to be able to provide timely support. Our goal is to shorten the settlement process and make it as smooth as possible. Many of our clients have by now well settled into their new homes, and happy with their employment.
VWAT Services are easily accessed in person, by phone and email, from anywhere in Toronto or outside of the province of Ontario. Since April 2016, we have welcome 67 new clients accessing our services from other cities and provinces as far as New Brunswick and Manitoba. We optimized the support from the well settled community members by turning them into our clients’ mentors, in Toronto as well as in other provinces. We have built a network of more than 100 members in which the majority are newcomers who are strongly connected to one another and sharing their own unique experience, lessons, and knowledge.

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