Two Gifts of Happiness



by Lieu Ngo

1st Gift of Happiness: In the past, every Christmas Eve, my family came to my parents’ house to spend Christmas Eve with my parents and siblings. This Christmas Eve, my parents and siblings are in Vietnam so we were feeling very lonely and sad. Suddenly, I realized how important it is to spend this particular time of the year with my parents and siblings so I called my parents in Vietnam and talked to them.

2nd Gift of Happiness: My husband and I watched the countdown at home on New Year’s Eve – a tradition we share. On New Year’s Day morning my husband gave me a gift but I did not have a gift for him so I decided to write a note to him. I wrote: I have always cherished every moment I am with you and I am looking forward to spending every moment with you in 2013. My husband was in tears after he read my note.

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