Vietnamese Lantern Festival 2013

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September 14, 2013
Produced by VWAT Family Services

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The Lantern Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, is a vastly celebrated holiday throughout East Asia. Tet Trung Thu, as it is known in Vietnam, provides families with an opportunity to gather and celebrate the end of the summer harvest by eating moon cakes, lighting lanterns and gazing at the moon and stars.

VWAT Family Services bring you this celebration to allow all families from every cultural background to explore the meaning of the Vietnamese Lantern Festival as it is seen through the perspective of the Vietnamese community. Take this opportunity and explore new horizons while enjoying new cultural foods, entertainment and activities!

As people move across the globe contributing to the diversity of our city, the beauty of experiencing and understanding the meaning of different cultural practices and celebrations is a powerful point of transformation for each and every one of us. Are you ready to take your step?

 In 2012 the Vietnamese Lantern Festival was held on September 15, 2012 at the Harbourfront Centre and was a great success attracting over 3,000 attendees from the Greater Toronto Area.

This celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival through the perspective of the Vietnamese community is our contribution to the promotion of intercultural awareness within the city of Toronto. Visit the Harbourfront website for details.

Enter the Lantern Competition: English Registration Form
Enter the Lantern Competition: Viet Registration Form
Enter the Thien Le Áo Dài Competition: Registration Form

 Volunteer at the Vietnamese Lantern Festival. Send in your Volunteer Application Form today!


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