VLF was a success … and you made the difference!

We look forward to seeing you next year at VLF 2013!

Thank you to everyone!

THƯ CẢM ƠN (Published in Thoi Moi newspaper)

Festival Co-chairs

Truc Huynh
Alani Van

Committee Advisor

Kim Phuong Nguyen

Public Relations Team

Emillie Nguyen
Kim Phuong Nguyen
Anh Ngo

Event Décor Team

Emillie Nguyen

Volunteer Coordination Team

Kevin Cao
Anh Chu

Vendor Coordination Team

Michael Tran
Anh Chu

Marketing and Media Relations Team

Sarah Tran (Team Coordinator)
Wynne Tam (Marketing Strategies & Media Relations)
Hamy Nguyen (Marketing Distributions)
Danny Nguyen (Social Media Officer)
Nina Nghiem (Communications Coordinator)
Nhan Chung (Graphic Designer)
Nina Hang (Graphic Designer)
Quang Chieu Nguyen (Graphic Designer)
Duy Diep (Photographer)
Hon-Vi Dang (Photographer)
Van Nhan Le (Photographer)
Patrick Chan (Photographer)
Phu Huu Nguyen (Photographer)

Stage and Productions

Nhi Nguyen (Team Coordinator)
Huy Huynh (Assistant Coordinator)
Thomas Truong (Technical Productions)

Designers’ Showcase

Tina Hang (Team Coordinator)
Esther Yang (Choreographer)
CG Chen (Featured Designer)
Mark Aguilar (Featured Designer)
Van Tran (Featured Designer)
Hamy Nguyen (Makeup Artist)
Kaytee Tsang (Makeup Artist & Hairstylist)
Stacey Nguyen (Makeup Artist)
Lisa Truong (Hairstylist)

THIEN LE Ao Dai Fashion Competition

Lieu Ngo (Team Coordinator)
Michael Hiep Tran (Assistant Coordinator)
Thanh Tam Hoang Nguyen (Choreographer)
Hong Truong (Makeup Artist)
Christina Truong (Makeup Artist)
Thu Thao Nguyen (Makeup Artist)

Lantern Competition Team

Linda Ngo
Thuy Nguyen

Lantern Giveaway Booth

Anh Ngo
Quang Chieu Nguyen

Lantern Making Booth

Trang Nguyen (Team Coordinator)
Khanh Van Dan
Lan Bui
Mien Nguyen
Oanh Nguyen
Phuoc Ma
Tu Lan Ha

Vietnamese Calligraphy Booth

Su Co Thien Binh

Moon Cake & Tea Tasting Booth

Betty Do
Xuan Nguyen-Vi

Food Demonstrations Team

Thuy Nguyen (Team Coordinator)
Betty Do
Cindy Tran
Hong Nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen
Minh Le
Ngoc Ung Nguyen
Tuyet Duong
Xuan Nguyen-Vi
Yen Huynh

Children’s Activities Team

Jennifer Van (Team Coordinator)
Christie Van (Team Coordinator)
Jace Nguyen (Building Coordinator)
Catherine Nguyen (Activity Manager)
Christina Pham (Activity Manager)
Cindy Van (Activity Manager)
Kimberly Van (Activity Manager)
Andy Van (Activity Manager)
Christine Van
Emily Van
Jennifer Yong
Lucas Tran
Melissa Van
Michael Wong
Shajini Veluppulai

Event Fundraising & Sponsorship Team

Khoa Huynh (Sponsorship Coordinator)
Emillie Nguyen (Sponsorship Coordinator)
Tina Hang (Fundraising Coordinator)
Linda Ngo (Fundraising Coordinator)
Catherine Nguyen
Carol Nguyen
Thomas Tan
Thanh (Joseph) Nguyen
Dung My (Yumy) Chau
Khai Tri Nguyen
Cindy Van
Frank Nguyen
Shirley Au
Nikki Diep
Lyn Vo
Nina Nghiem
Kim Nguyen

Festival Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor – CIBC
Thien Le
Thoi Moi
Flora All Occasions Flowers & Gifts
Bánh Cuốn Pho Ga St. Clair
Betty Do
Dr. Nguyen Thuy Dung
Highlight Auto Collision Centre
Pho Bistro
Quy Tuong Niem Ba Do Thi Tam
Teas & etc

Community Partners

Across U-hub (representative Kenix Wong)
SBTN Canada (representative Thanh Tam Hoang Nguyen)
UVSA (representative Nam An Dinh)
VAT (representative Khang Nguyen)
VSAR (representative Michelle Tran)
VCSA (representative Quyen Pham)

Stage Production Performers

Marilyn Tran (MC)
Tho Pham (MC)
Across U-hub Band
Alicia Nero
Christian Youth Band
Christine Van
Dance Crew Divas
Hop Ca Cao Nien
Jacey Vi & Alina Jandu
Jessica Siew
Julie Nhu Ha
Ty Ty Nguyen

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