Warming up Amongst Newcomers

Sharing Warm Feelings in a Cold Winter

by Oanh Hoang

treeDuring the holidays, my family attended a Christmas Party held by a Skilled Worker Newcomers Support Group. In a new country, the majority of us have few friends and family members to spend the holidays with. This year we held a party at one member’s house who had graciously offered us the space. Over 35 people attended bringing their families to join in the celebration!

We enjoyed chatting and sharing information with one another. We talked about daycare services for our children, adult classes for ourselves, places to shop, and opportunities for work. We took part in games and activities, a dance competition and gift exchange.

The experience was exciting and fills me with happiness when I am reminded of the memories we all shared. Time passed by quickly and the night was over before we knew it. As we left for home our hearts were filled with warmth in the midst of winter in a strange, new country.

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