We’ve Got Guests



by Thuy Nguyen

On Dec 23rd, my husband and I decided to give a special treat to a family who was spending their first Christmas in Canada. The husband came to Canada last May and now has a job in Brampton while the wife just landed in Montreal last October. All of her relatives are there and they wanted her to spend her first Christmas with them. As the wife wanted to support her husband, she left Montreal just one week before Christmas to be with him and their son. We knew that they did not have any plans for this Christmas. My husband called them on the phone and invited them to join our dinner and stay over on Christmas Eve. They agreed. I then started to plan what to cook for a dinner while my daughter was searching for some family games.

On the morning of the 24th, the husband called us to say they were not coming because he and his wife had an argument and they were not in a good mood. So in just a phone call our plans for Christmas Eve collapsed. However, at that moment we realized what we needed to do. We became more determined to ask them to come over as we knew that if they just stayed inside the four walls of their apartment they might end up arguing more as they had nothing else to do. And the wife deserved better than that as she had already sacrificed her Christmas with her relatives in Montreal to be with her husband.

We talked them into coming and they finally agreed. However, when they arrived the husband said: “We can only stay for awhile and will go home right after dinner”. What a shock to us! The second time! We wanted their first Christmas to be enjoyable, memorable, and definitely not be rushed. However, I did not show much rejection to his decision.

His wife and I started to prepare for our dinner. We cooked, we talked. I saw them talk to each other. We had dinner and we had family games which included many big laughs. Throughout the evening, I was afraid the husband might want to go as he is a very determined person. At around 11:30pm, I asked him if he still wanted to go home and he said “No, I already feel sleepy. We will stay”. My husband and I felt so relieved. The next morning on Christmas Day, we gave them our gift, we had breakfast together and then my husband drove them home. I felt this Christmas was so meaningful because we brought happiness back to our friends at the start of their Christmas Day.

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