Winter sun invites fun for a new Canadian

Hiep sledding

Hiep sledding

by Hiep Tran (Michael)

I came to Canada in the middle of the summer. Coming from a “hot” country, with too much sunshine all the year round, this is nothing special for me. However, the sunshine is so special for most of the Canadians – they’ve just got to see the sun.  They wear T-shirts and shorts, enjoying their walk on the road, cycling in the park, and playing sports under the sun. Luckily I found a job after one month of being in Canada. I settled in quickly and enjoyed my new life with my happy family.

Time flies by quickly and then I realized that Christmas was upon us. Christmas this year was special to me because it was the first time in my life that I enjoyed the cold weather and watched the snow fall. I had one week off from the office and spent most of the time with my family and children visiting my relatives and playing with my children. Together, with my two-year old son, we played in the snow, sledding right in the front yard of my house for hours.

After two winter months, with the cold weather and the white snow …  I was missing the sunshine too.

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