Year End Splendid Moments

I spent the holiday at my family reunion in North Carolina where we all had a great time together. While every single second was cherished, there were two moments that were most memorable to me.


The first one was the time I was sitting by lake Johnson watching the splendid sunset and thinking of my two best friends who had just passed away a few months ago in 2012. My heart was filled with a lot of strange feelings and thoughts. Within a short moment, everything came back to me as a stream of video. The sunset was very beautiful and it made me think of the values and meanings of life, love and happiness.

uoc mo bay

The second moment was the early morning on the first day of year 2013. I gave my grandson an RC helicopter as his birthday gift and we began to fly it. He loved it very much. So did I. I used to dream of flying a real air plane since I was a boy and now it looks like he does, too. Even though my dream never came true, but until now I still love to fly, even flying just a toy helicopter. I hope you’ll try it someday and find how relaxing and enjoyable it is.

Van Le


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